Energy Company Fined for Lack of SPCC Inspections – November Enforcement Summary

Enforcement and Inspection
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"Lead, stormwater, SPCC, and pesticide violations were on EPA’s radar this month. Here’s a summary of where EPA inspectors have been and what they’ve been up to around the country."

Painted the towns lead
National house painting company
New England
EPA Region 1
Lead violations: The EPA alleges that the company failed to provide required lead hazard information to home owners in four New England states on 41 occasions.
Penalty: $7,200 fine; $64,000 supplemental environmental project (SEP)

Motorcycle importer
EPA Region 1
CAA violations: The EPA alleges that labels on 124 motorcycles in a May 2012 Port of Boston shipment do not include the information required under the EPA regulations.  In addition, examination of the exhaust system of the model YY150T motorcycle revealed that the catalyst had significantly less volume and cell density than the certified design.  Emissions reductions are directly affected by catalyst volume and surface area.  As a result, these motorcycles were not properly certified. 
Penalty: $4,800 fine and destruction of 2 motorcycles

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Selling unregistered pesticide products
Pesticide distributors
EPA Region 7
FIFRA violations: The EPA fined three pesticide distributors for distributing and/or selling various unregistered pesticide products, including plant regulators, insecticides, and fungicides.
Penalty: $17,160; $12,000; $237,573 fines

Not on the menu
EPA Region 9
SWDA violations: According to the EPA, the company failed to close three large capacity cesspools at a restaurant located in a priority watershed.
Penalty: $177,500 fine

TRI failures
Concrete and asphalt manufacturer
EPA Region 10
EPCRA violations: The company failed to timely report its processing of lead compounds and nitrate compounds in 2010.
Penalty: $25,400 fine



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  1. Liv
    December 3, 2012 2:10 pm

    Looking for more info on what the energy company SPCC citation entailed, is there a related article for the headline?