Training Requirements for Hearing Conservation Programs

In workplaces where noise levels exceed the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) action level of 85 A-weighted decibels (dBA) as a time-weighted average, employers must put a hearing conservation program in place. In addition to reducing noise levels and noise exposures, selecting appropriate hearing protection, audiometric testing, and recordkeeping, a hearing conservation program includes […]


Discharges to Groundwater: Are They Subject to CWA?

In an action that parallels EPA’s rulemaking to write a new definition of the Clean Water Act (CWA) term waters of the United States (WOTUS), the Agency is soliciting comments on whether pollutant discharges into groundwater that has a hydrologic connection to WOTUS are subject to CWA regulation.


Mapping Workplace Noise, One Worker at a Time

When you create a workplace noise map using a sound level meter, you may get all of the information you need. However, if the results of your sound level measurements are borderline, or if other factors like variable noise or highly mobile workers are present, you may need to get a little more granular. You […]


An Environmental Enforcement Roundup

Take a look at 11 recent environmental enforcement actions from around the U.S. and what was behind the various violations. Some of the penalties were steep—learn from other organizations’ mistakes to ensure your company isn’t the next one cited!

Air emissions

So, What Did You Emit Last Year?

It is that time of year again. Regulatory agencies across the country want to know, “What did you emit?” From February through June, sources of air emissions are required to submit annual emissions statements or reports to the appropriate regulatory agency quantifying the pollutants they emitted during 2017.

sound level meter

Mapping Workplace Noise: Choose the Right Monitoring Tools

Before you put a hearing conservation program in place, and while it is active, you’ll need to do some occupational noise monitoring. Your noise monitoring will determine whether your workers could be exposed at or above the action level; enable you to identify workers who need to be enrolled in a hearing conservation program; and […]

Safety executive

A Seat for Safety in the C-Suite

Safety professionals know how important their jobs are, but they are also familiar with the frustrations of pursuing management buy-in for their programs. Regina McMichael, CSP, CET, says it’s time for safety pros to take their seats alongside decision makers at the top of their organizations.

EPA Offices, Washington DC

Budget Reduction of 23% Sought by EPA

Stating its intention to lower costs and more effectively utilize limited resources, the EPA has proposed a budget for 2019 that would reduce its funding by 23% ($8.7 billion to $6.1 billion) and the number of staff from 15,408 to 12,250. The proposal would eliminate 34 discretionary programs and activities, slashing $598.5 million compared to […]