Category: Emergency Preparedness and Response

No one wants it to happen, but an emergency, natural or manmade, can strike at anytime, 24/7. What’s more, it need not be a major, nationally-televised incident, such as a hurricane, earthquake, or act of political terror. An event as common as a local building fire can present just as large a challenge to you. These resources will help you create a plan for handling such crises, whatever their scope, and to carry it out in a way that best protects your employees and your company.

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DHS Announces Contest to Protect First Responders

Concerned about an increase in roadside incidents involving first responders, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) challenged companies to come up with research-based solutions. Read on to find out about one winning project that could save the lives of responders as well as civilians.


Hazwaste Generator Emergency Preparedness

As a hazardous waste generator, are you prepared in the event of an emergency? Does your facility have a “contingency plan”? Both large quantity generators (LQGs) of hazardous waste and small quantity generators (SQGs) of hazardous waste must comply with certain specific emergency preparedness and prevention procedures. These procedures involve use of response equipment and […]


The SPCC Outlook for Hazardous Substances

The EPA has issued its first biannual update of its work on a proposal for a final rule that would subject facilities holding hazardous substances to the same requirements applying to facilities holding threshold amounts of oil. The update indicates that the proposal is still in its early stages, and therefore, any views on what […]


Don’t Just Stand By! Bystander Intervention Can Stop Workplace Violence in Its Tracks

On January 18, 2015, Peter Jonsson and Carl-Frederik Arndt, graduate students at Stanford University, were riding their bikes across campus at about 1 a.m. As they rode through an alley, they saw something disturbing: a man on top of a woman next to a dumpster. The woman was unconscious. The two students yelled at the […]


CSB’s Most Wanted Safety Improvements: Emergency Planning and Response

On April 17, 2013, a 60-ton stockpile of fertilizer-grade ammonium nitrate (FGAN) exploded at the West Fertilizer Company (WFC) in the middle of downtown West, Texas. The fire and explosion killed 15 people—12 twelve emergency responders and 3 members of the community—caused injuries to 260 more people who required medical treatment, and damaged more than […]


Preparedness is Prevention: Emergency Preparedness Could Have Prevented These Injuries

When a 900-gallon melt tank containing hexane and ethanol overpressurized and exploded in December 2015 at a food additive manufacturing facility in Newark, Ohio, owned by Arboris®, LLC, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) faulted the employer’s process safety management (PSM) for failing to prevent the explosion. But even when the fireball erupted, […]


Preparedness is Prevention: Six More Ways Process Safety Management Could Have Prevented This Fire

At the Arboris® plant in Newark, Ohio, workers were adding hexane to a process that produced sterols—a natural compound produced by pine trees—for use in foods such as spreads, bread, milk, and yogurt. Unfortunately, the employer’s process safety management (PSM) program failed at many points to identify and correct potentially disastrous issues with the process. […]