Category: Emergency Preparedness and Response

No one wants it to happen, but an emergency, natural or manmade, can strike at anytime, 24/7. What’s more, it need not be a major, nationally-televised incident, such as a hurricane, earthquake, or act of political terror. An event as common as a local building fire can present just as large a challenge to you. These resources will help you create a plan for handling such crises, whatever their scope, and to carry it out in a way that best protects your employees and your company.

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Post-Fall Rescue: Have a Plan and Be Ready to Act Fast

An employee who falls from a height wearing personal fall protection may be saved from instant death or terrible injury. But that employee is still at risk until rescued. Here’s what our Safety Training Tips editor advises that you do to be ready to act quickly. Be aware of the hazards. An employee who falls […]