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Napping in the Workplace—A Good Idea for Some?

Generally, you don’t want your employees snoozing on the job. But, if someone’s job results in poor sleeping habits, maybe you should consider nap time at your workplace. Here’s a look at a recent study that identified the occupations most at risk for resulting in lack of sleep.

DNA / genetics

Genetic Testing and Your Workplace Wellness Program: What’s All the Fuss?

The controversy over individuals’ genetic information, their privacy, and the possibility of discrimination reared its head again in March, when the Republican-controlled House Committee on Education and the Workforce approved H.R. 1313 –Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act. The bill, if it survives, is expected to be included in the Republicans’ larger repeal and replacement of […]


Creating a Healthy Workplace: Trends and Tips

You’ve read about workplaces that offer everything from healthy takeout meals to on-site yoga, massages, and napping pods. Maybe that describes your approach. Or, perhaps your organization has held back, not knowing quite where—or if—to start.


Suicide Risk Is High. Do Your Manager Know the Signs?

When we think about workplace violence, thoughts turn to shootings and other person-to-person violence. But suicide is also a serious risk. Keep reading for important information about the signs that an employee may be considering taking his or her own life and to find out which industry’s workers are especially at risk.