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Modern safety management goes beyond covering traditional workplace accidents to now being equally concerned with illnesses caused on and even off the job. This section will explain what you need to know to avoid both injuries and illnesses, and to track your progress in reaching this goal.

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Companies Can Begin Electronically Submitting 300As on August 1

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) said it is ready to launch its Web-based form for electronically submitting 2016 injury and illness data from 300A forms. The Injury Tracking Application (ITA) will be accessible August 1, 2017, where affected employers will be able to provide the information from their completed 2016 300A (Summary of […]


Spotters at Risk: Oil and Gas Company Cited for Struck-By Incident that Killed Teen

Oil and gas wells pose many hazards that are unique to the industry—for example, the chemical exposure issues that occur during tank gauging and monitoring. However, the most common causes of fatal accidents in the industry are depressingly familiar. One West Virginia employer learned this the hard way when a 19-year-old worker was killed on […]


No, Your State Did Not Earn an ‘A’ for Safety

A new survey from the National Safety Council (NSC) finds that no state goes far enough to protect its residents from leading causes of preventable death and injury (accidents) at work, at home, in the community, or on the road. Despite preventable death being at an all-time high, none of the 50 states or Washington, […]

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Forecast: Hot and Sunny, with Increased Risk of Skin Cancer

If you have outdoor workers, you’re probably aware of the need to protect them against heat illness during the summer months. After all, more than 30 American workers die each year of heat-related illnesses. But heat-related illness is not the only deadly condition that can result from working outdoors. Skin cancer is far more common, […]


7 Stupid Reasons People Get Hurt at Work (Infographic)

Thirty percent of employees are injured on the job within the first year of employment – which is a major issue for employee turnover. Additionally, injured employees decrease morale and can lead to costly OSHA and legal fines if it comes to light that their injury is a fault of the company. Avoiding new employee injury […]


Tips for an Ergonomic Workstation

Many of us spend hours at our workstations every day. Bad habits and incorrect posture can lead to neck and back pain or sore wrists and fingers. Proper ergonomics can help you stay comfortable at work.

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You’ve Heard of BlackBerry Thumb, Now Watch Out for … Apple Eye?

Older generations warned that sitting too close to the television would give you cancer; for younger whippersnappers, the warning has been updated to talking on their cell phones. The evidence is still inconclusive on that, but it seems pretty strong for “BlackBerry thumb”—a repetitive stress injury caused by too much texting—and “laptop back”—neck and shoulder […]