Safety Culture and Behavioral Safety

The articles here will show you how to build safety culture, and maintain it when you do. We’ll talk motivation technique, incentives, employee contests, recognition programs, and other safety awareness methods.

Equipment Rental Company Determined to Get to Zero Incidents

A business that rents heavy equipment says it’s making progress toward zero injuries. Find out about their newest initiative to enhance and spread safety awareness.

Are Your Workers Becoming Complacent? Help Them Refocus on Safety

When you put an effective safety program in place–one that eliminates as many hazards as possible, substitutes safer alternatives when available, and uses engineering controls to minimize other hazards–your workers can start to think of the workplace as “safe.” And when people feel safe, what happens? They might let their guard down.

Influencing Behaviors for Better Safety Performance

By Ana Ellington

At this year’s New England area American Society of Safety Engineers Professional Development conference, Keith Robinson, corporate safety director at Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc., presented a lively session on how behaviors impact safety performance in workplaces—safety culture is key.

Fostering Employee Involvement in Safety Programs: A Tale of Two Businesses

By: Lori Siegelman

Why do some safety programs create real change within their organizations, when others don’t seem to make a significant difference? Often, the answer is effective employee involvement.

Safety and Employee Engagement—What’s In It for Them?

All employers should know how great the benefits can be when employees embrace safety and live it every day. But some employees may think, What’s in it for me? Plenty, according to Safety Consultant Kevin Burns. Today, we have a list of benefits for employees who buy in to safety—and tips on providing the right tools to drive employee engagement.

Post-Accident Procedures for CMV Incidents

The first steps taken following an accident involving a commercial motor vehicle are extremely important. Here’s a quick review of post-accident procedures that can protect employers and drivers.

What Are Your Workers Doing When Nobody’s Looking?

A culture that promotes employee-driven safety changes safety attitudes and performance.

What Does It Take to Build a Strong Safety Culture?

To really instill a strong safety culture you have to move to a system where employees are driving safety activities. That involves changes in perceptions, attitudes, beliefs, and values.

When Are Safe Work Rules Not Safe Enough?

If you’re relying on safe work rules to protect employees, make sure the rules are reliable.

Who’s Pays When a Rule-Breaker Gets Hurt?

If workers take a “rules are for fools” attitude, and supervisors turn a blind eye, you could end up paying for their deficient safety attitude.