2017 Safety Automation & Technology Trends Survey

The 2017 Safety Automation & Technology Trends Survey, sponsored by ProntoForms, was launched in early July 2017 by EHS Daily Advisor. The responses paint a real-world picture of how safety professionals are using new technologies to manage the many challenges that they face every day.

Highlights from the study include the following:

  • 55% of survey participants have a safety information management or administration system implemented at their companies.
  • 18% of those polled have a safety-related mobile application already deployed in the field.
  • 63% use Excel® for analytics and reporting purposes, and 15% use a cloud-based analytics tool.
  • 38% deem it “very important” to automate analysis to determine where preventive action would have the most impact, making this the #2 opportunity for automation among respondents.
  • 67% of participants plan to deploy online safety training within the next year.
  • In the course of planning for safety at their companies, 86% of respondents use safety data sheets (SDSs) as a risk assessment method.

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