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A Great Safety Management Tool … Made Better!

Not all the hot news in safety management happens out there. Some happens right here at BLR. Such is the case today.

Yesterday’s Advisor article covered the recent announcement of OSHA’s Specific Site Targeting (SST) plan for 2008. That’s the program that will pull nearly 4,000 comprehensive inspections on industries  that survey data show as having high rates of injuries and illnesses.

The inspections will be unannounced, and will include a number of jobsites chosen at random from these industries, even though they individually don’t show a problem.

The nature of this program shows once again how important it is to keep up with key news and developments in occupational safety and health. And it makes us want to acquaint you with a key development right here at BLR that will help you do so.

Great news!  BLR’s renowned Safety.BLR.com website is now available in a brand new, Version 2.0. Click here for a no-cost site tour! Or  here to try it at no cost in your office.

For the first time in its history, we have completely revamped our “all about workplace safety and health” subscription website, Safety.BLR.com.  In step with computer industry parlance, we call it Version 2.0.

Those of you who’ve visited the site in its original version have likely been amazed at what it can do, as have the thousands who depend on it. It includes more than 20,000 different documents that range from complete prewritten training meetings to news flashes, all available at the click of a mouse. But after extensive user surveys, we’ve upgraded almost everything about it. Some of the key improvements:

◦Side-by-Side State Compliance.  Safety.BLR.com has always included the rules of your specific state, explained in plain-English, along with the federal regulations. But now they are physically side-by-side, with no need to toggle back and forth between pages. You can’t help but notice what you have to do to fully comply with both governmental entities.  As little publicized state differences from the federal often trip up even the best safety managers, this can be more than a time saver. It can be a job saver.

◦MSDS Library Expansion.  Anyone who deals with hazardous chemicals knows that compliance with OSHA’s Hazard Communication (aka Right to Know) Standard depends largely on having the proper Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) on site. The challenge has been getting MSDSs when you need them. No longer. Safety.BLR.com accesses an immense library of 3.5 million of the forms, with about 10,000 more added or changed every week. Need one? Just look up the chemical by name, manufacturer, product group or CAS number, then call it up and print it out.

◦Policy Builder. Writing safety policies can require the skills of a lawyer and an editor, as well as those of a safety professional. But not if the policies are already written for you, ready to be used as is, or easily modified to your needs. They are, on the new Safety.BLR.com.

◦Newsletter Wizard. If you’ve ever wanted to publish a safety newsletter, but felt lacking in editorial skills, this new addition is for you. Just fill in the information you want to convey and it instantly creates a professional-looking publication, sure to command respect from workers and management alike.

◦Did Someone Say Training?  Safety.BLR.com now includes PowerPoints R, safety meetings outlines, quizzes, tool box talks, and much more on some 120 different topics, all ready-made and ready-to-use. There are audio presentations, too, and many of the materials are also there in Spanish.

Now there’s much more of a good thing!  Try the new Version 2.0 of Safety.BLR.com.
Click here to take a no-cost site tour  — or  here to try it in your own office!

What’s more, it’s all more usable with major improvements in navigation, and what you do with it is also more accessible through a new My Safety Manager section that lets you create and maintain your own schedules, training records, and facility audits (using a huge batch of checklists provided). You can even automatically create your OSHA Forms 300 and 301.

As you can see, we’re pretty enthused about what we’ve done with Safety.BLR.com, and we’re anxious for you to experience it, too. That’s why we’ve created a complimentary site tour, available by clicking here.

If you like what you see, proceed to try it at no cost and with no obligation. We’ll even give you a complimentary special report for doing so, no matter what you decide. Click here to take a 5-minute site tour of the new Safety.BLR.com, Version 2.0.  It may be just what you’re looking for.