OSHA Regs—How Can I Keep Up?

Staying in compliance with OSHA’s safety regulations is a key part of your job. Our Safety Training Tips editor shares some tips for keeping current with OSHA requirements.

Some methods to keep your safety skills sharp include:

  • Attend OSHA training sessions in your region.
  • Attend OSHA training sessions on your specific industry.
  • Stay in touch with your state’s OSHA office.
  • Read your daily Safety Daily Advisor newsletter.
  • Subscribe to OSHA’s Quick Takes semimonthly newsletter.
  • Visit  for news and updates.
  • Visit® for even easier search capabilities and plain-English analysis of OSHA regs and responsibilities.

You need safety policies, but you don’t have to write them. We’ve already written them for you in BLR’s Essential Safety Policies program. Examine it at no cost or risk.

OSHA has several training centers or continuing education centers around the country. Contact your regional office to find out what the upcoming schedule of courses are and make every effort to attend the ones that apply to your job. In addition to getting the most up-to-date information on the regs that you work to comply with every day, you’ll meet colleagues in your area with whom you can exchange your collective wisdom about how you’re all keeping employees safe.

Since you’re reading this Daily Advisor, you’re already taking a big step toward keeping informed about OSHA! So keep reading every day, because we’re working hard to keep you informed about the latest safety news and tips. In addition, you may want to read OSHA’s twice-a-month Quick Takes newsletter.

The Web is also a fantastic research tool—as long as you use authoritative sources. Of course, you can visit OSHA’s website for information. But if you can’t find what you need or have a hard time understanding what you do find, visit for easy-to-understand, plain-English analysis of federal and state regulations as well as the tools to assist with compliance.

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For example, to help you keep up to date and in compliance with OSHA’s HazCom Standard, our site’s MSDS Search gives you on-demand access to over 3.5 million MSDSs. You can also "Ask the Expert" if you don’t find your question answered in our growing library of Safety FAQs.

Use any or all of these methods to research OSHA regs, stay in compliance with federal and state safety rules—and keep employees safe!


Why It Matters…

  • In one recent year there were over 4 million recorded nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses in private industry and more than 5,600 fatalities from work-related injuries.
  • As a supervisor, you are responsible for making sure employees know and follow safety rules that meet OSHA’s standards.
  • You need to keep up with the latest safety updates to keep yourself and employees safe.

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