Emergency Preparedness and Response

Put the PREPARE in Preparedness

To be confident that your employees are ready for any emergency, you have to PREPARE—Plan, Review, Evaluate, Practice, Anticipate, Retrain, and Emphasize.

According to Safety Audit Checklists, emergency planning must be:

  • Systematic. Haphazard or half-hearted efforts that get low priority and little attention won’t do the job. You  need a well-structured, well-organized, thorough plan that anticipates all possible emergencies and covers all necessary responses.

  • Ongoing. You can’t just draw up an emergency plan and toss it in a drawer and forget about it. Risks change, conditions change, employees change, and response needs and methods change. That means your emergency plan must be reviewed regularly and modified to account for any changes that affect preparedness.

  • Tested. You won’t know if your emergency plan is just a pile of paper or whether it’s a real, effective blueprint for action until you test it. The results of drills and simulations will help you reevaluate the plan to close gaps, plug holes, and tighten response times.

Checklists help ensure orderly response and keep employees safe in emergencies. See how with the award-winning Safety Audit Checklists program from BLR. Try it at no cost and no risk. Get the full story.

Key Questions

When evaluating emergency preparedness in your workplace, you have to ask some very important questions. Here are examples:

  • Have you explained your emergency plan to all employees?

  • Do employees know your evacuation procedures?

  • Do they understand plans for sheltering in place?

  • Have you established procedures for making sure all employees can get to safety, including disabled and injured workers?

  • Have you trained employees to assume emergency duties effectively?

  • Do you have a plan for shutting down operations and processes or for keeping them running with a skeleton crew?

  • Have you tested alarms and checked emergency supplies and equipment?

  • Do employees know how to report emergencies?

  • Do you have a plan for organizing a recovery following a crippling incident like a fire or natural disaster?

If the answer to all these questions isn’t “yes,” you’re not as prepared as you might think.

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Ready-Made Checklists

All this information and more is efficiently and succinctly compiled for you in the Safety Audit Checklists section on Emergency Preparedness. You also get a 30-point compliance checklist highlighting key provisions of OSHA’s emergency preparedness standards and a second checklist with important preparedness information that can be circulated to supervisors and posted for employees. All told, this best-selling program provides you with more than 300 separate safety checklists keyed to three main criteria:

  • OSHA compliance checklists, built right from the government standards in such key areas as HazCom, lockout/tagout, electrical safety, and many more

  • “Plaintiff attorney” checklists, built around those non-OSHA issues that often attract lawsuits

  • Safety management checklists that monitor the administrative procedures you need to have for topics such as OSHA 300 Log maintenance, training program scheduling and recording, and OSHA-required employee notifications 

Make as many copies as you need for all your supervisors and managers, and distribute. What’s more, the entire program is updated annually. And the cost averages only about $1 per checklist.

If this method of ensuring a safer, more OSHA-compliant workplace interests you, we’ll be happy to make Safety Audit Checklists available for a no-cost, no-obligation, 30-day evaluation in your office. Just let us know, and we’ll be pleased to arrange it.

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