Don’t throw away those instructions!

Please read through all the instructions before using this product. How many times have you read that line in the instruction booklet of a new assembly required toy, gadget, or software application—and then skimmed over the rest of the directions? How many hours later did you get the toy assembled—or the software working smoothly with your computer system?

There’s a reason products come with instructions: To make it easier for you to get the best use out of them. It’s the same on the job. Anyone who rushes into a job without first understanding the instructions on how to do it is much less likely to get the job done right.

So why don’t more people follow directions? Often it’s because, in their haste to get on with it, they don’t listen when a job is explained. The result can be errors, lost time, wasted effort, extra costs, work that has to be done over—not to mention dissatisfied supervisors, irritated customers, and personal frustration.

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And if you don’t understand instructions, ask for a further explanation. Asking questions doesn’t mean you’re slow; it indicates you care enough to do the job right.

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