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Don’t Have an SPCC Training Program? You Need One

Here’s a checklist to get you started on developing an SPCC training program that works.

  • Are employees familiar with spill prevention procedures?
  • Are employees familiar with spill prevention/control equipment used at the facility?
  • Does your facility have written procedures for inspecting/testing oil spill containment systems?
  • Have appropriate personnel been properly instructed in the operation and maintenance of equipment to prevent the discharge of oil?
  • Do employees know how to contact the facility’s emergency response coordinator?
  • Do employees know the facility’s notification procedures and communication systems to be used for notification?
  • Are employees certain of their duties and responsibilities in the event of a spill?
  • Do employees know the procedures to mitigate or prevent any discharge or substantial threat of a discharge of oil?
  • Have you pointed out the location of all spill response equipment?
  • Is the spill response equipment easily accessible and in good working order?
  • Do employees know their duties in the event of a facility shutdown?
  • Do employees know their duties regarding equipment start-up after a power outage?
  • Have you maintained records of completed SPCC training exercises?
  • Are training logs maintained at the facility for drills, exercises, or response training?