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Reduce Waste at Work

Writing/Printing Paper

  • Establish a companywide double-sided copying policy, and be sure future copiers purchased by your company have double-sided capability.
  • Reuse envelopes or use two-way (send-‘n-return) envelopes.
  • Keep mailing lists current to avoid duplication.
  • Make scratch pads from used paper.
  • Circulate (rather than copy) memos, documents, periodicals, and reports.
  • Use outdated letterhead for in-house memos.
  • Put company bulletins on voice or electronic mail or post on a central bulletin board.
  • Save documents on hard drives or CD instead of making paper copies.
  • Use central files to reduce the number of hard copies your company retains.
  • Proof documents on the computer screen before printing.
  • Eliminate unnecessary reports.
  • Donate old magazines and journals to hospitals, clinics, or libraries.

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  • Rent equipment that is used only occasionally.
  • Reuse worn out tires for landscaping, swings, etc.
  • Purchase remanufactured office equipment.
  • Establish a regular maintenance routine to prolong the life of such equipment as copiers, computers, and heavy tools.
  • Use rechargeable batteries where practical.
  • Install reusable furnace and air-conditioner filters.
  • Reclaim usable parts from old equipment.
  • Recharge fax and printer cartridges or return them to the supplier for remanufacture.
  • Sell or give old furniture and equipment to other businesses, local charitable organizations, or employees.

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Source reduction combined with recycling efforts can further reduce waste. A well-designed recycling program complies with the law, reduces waste, and saves natural resources. Most companies find that it’s worth the work to put together a recycling program for your facility or office. But before you start–use these tips for putting together a successful recycling program.

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  1. What about the natural resources in the work environment? Are they not important or can be integrated in the work environment?

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