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EPA Inspection Cheat Sheet
It’s a great time to take a look at your facility’s environmental compliance standing. Could you be up for an inspection from EPA this year? If so, you can cheat a little—legally—by being prepared and knowing what to expect.

10 Steps to Get Rolling on a Recycling Program for Universal Waste Lamps
If your facility resolves to be more green this New Year, a good place to start is a recycling program for your mercury-containing light bulbs. Here are 10 essential steps that businesses can take to properly manage used universal waste lamps.

RCRA Says Tossing Rags is a Rule-Breaker
Many facilities managing used oil often struggle with how to dispose of their oil saturated rags. One subscriber asked us if it was breaking the rules to sun-dry their rags and then throw them out with the regular trash. The short answer is yes. Here’s why.

GHS Pictogram Training Cheat Sheet
GHS compliant chemical labels will contain one or more 8 standardized hazard symbols used in pictograms. Each of these pictograms conveys the specific hazard of the chemical your workers should know about. Here are the details on each type of pictogram to share with your workers.

HazMat Employee Training: Don’t Leave Anyone Out
In today’s Advisor, we outline who needs hazardous materials transportation training, and what that training should include.

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Rules for Recycling Aerosol Cans experts get many questions from subscribers on how to properly dispose of aerosol cans. Why is this so confusing to Environmental Managers? It’s because there are so many factors involved in determining whether the aerosol can needs to be managed as a hazardous waste.

2012 Construction Stormwater General Permit Cheat Sheet
The 2012 Stormwater General Permit is out. The final permit includes a number of new or modified requirements from the 2008 CGP, many of which are related to the implementation of the new C&D rule effluent limits. Here’s what changed:

FAQs for Amending Your SPCC Plan
If you have an SPCC plan, EPA requires you to review your plan at least every 5 years. This review gives you an opportunity to see if you plan needs amending based on more effective prevention and control technology. Plans must also be amended when there is a change in the facility design, construction, operation, or maintenance that materially affects its potential for a discharge. Here are some frequently asked questions on amending your SPCC plan.

What are the Regs for Aerosol Can Disposal?
Why do Environmental Managers have such a tough time figuring out what to do with aerosol cans? It’s because–even though aerosol cans that contain hazardous waste (such as paints, pesticides, and solvents) fall under federal RCRA regulations—many factors are involved in determining whether the aerosol can needs to be managed as a hazardous waste.

11 Container Compliance Tips
Hazardous waste handlers LOVE containers that’s why they are the most common unit used to store and transport hazardous waste. Why? Containers are relatively cheap and easy to handle compared to tanks and surface impoundments. Also, containers are a good option for hazardous waste handlers who want to store, transport, and dispose of hazardous waste without changing the unit.

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