EHS Management

Election Impact: How Will it Affect Environmental Compliance for Employers?

BLR’s Clare Condon, Managing Editor, Environmental, explains where the 2012 presidential candidates stand on topics related to environmental compliance, such as climate change, the Clean Air Act, energy, and EPA regulations–and what employers may be able to expect based on whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney is elected president.

This video is excerpted from a longer video featuring BLR’s managing editors of human resources, safety and environmental content for employers, who explain how the results of the 2012 presidential election may impact employers in the areas of HR/employment law, OSHA enforcement and safety regulations, and environmental compliance.

To see Clare’s interview in its entirety, insights on HR and safety issues that may be impacted by the election, and predictions from BLR managing editors about who will win the election, see the full length version of 2012 Election and Employers: The Impact on HR Laws, Environmental and Safety Regulations.