Get a Head Start on SDS Training

It’s time to start thinking about training on the new safety data sheet (SDS). Here are some ideas to get you started, and a great new BLR product to help you train.

OSHA estimates that over 5 million workplaces in the United States would be affected by the revised hazard communication standard. These are all those workplaces where employees—a total of approximately 43 million of them—could be exposed to hazardous chemicals.

Included among these 5 million workplaces are an estimated 90,000 establishments that create hazardous chemicals. These chemical producers employ almost 3 million workers.

If yours is among these workplace, then you know that over the course of the next 4 years you have to come into full compliance with the changes to the hazard communication standard required by GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals).

Key among compliance issues is the changeover from the MSDS to the new safety data sheet (SDS). By December 1, 2013, you must train all employees that use, handle, or store chemicals in your workplace about the SDS.

When training, explain that the new format will make it easier to find the information employees need to work safely with hazardous chemicals such as:

  • What the chemical is
  • Who makes or sells it and where they’re located
  • Why the chemical is hazardous (including health and physical hazards)
  • What exposure limits are recommended
  • How you can be exposed to the hazards and what conditions could increase the risk
  • How to handle the substance safely
  • What protection to use while working with it
  • What to do if you’re exposed
  • How to handle a spill or other emergency

With a little over a year to go before GHS-required employee training on the new SDS must be completed, it’s never too early to start training. Understanding the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) CNT with Audio is plug and play training session that will prepare your employees to successfully make the switch from MSDS to SDS. Get the details.

Talking About the SDS

Here are some questions that can be used to stimulate discussion of the new SDS in safety training sessions:

  1.   Where can you find safety data sheets?  
  2. When do you need refer to an SDS?  
  3. What are some of the jobs you do that require checking SDSs?
  4. What are PEL and TLV, and where can you find these in the SDS?
  5. Why is it important to know things about a chemical like its boiling point and vapor pressure?
  6. What is reactivity, and why is it important?
  7. What kind of health hazard information would you expect to find on an SDS?
  8. What help does the SDS provide if there’s an accident—for example, exposure to a chemical or a spill? Where would you find this information?
  9. What might an SDS tell you that would be useful in preventing and fighting fires?
  10. What might an SDS tell you about ways to protect yourself when working with a chemical?

Make it easier and less costly to comply with GHS training requirements for the SDS. It’s easy to get started with BLR’s new Understanding the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) CNT with Audio. Just put in the CD and the PowerPoint® with Audio will do the training for you! Order today.

Are You Ready for GHS?

The compliance date for completion of GHS-required training about the new SDS is December 1, 2013. It seems like loads of time. But let’s face it, with your busy schedule and all the other training requirements that must also be met, time flies. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to get a jump on SDS training to make sure your employees are ready for the switch over from the MSDS?

We have a new product that’s perfect for employers with employees who need to be trained on the new SDS. It’s easy, it’s cost-effective, and it’s available now. It’s called Understanding the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) CNT with Audio, and it will make SDS training a snap.

By the end of this plug and play session, your employees:

  • Will understand the GHS and how it affects hazard communication in the workplace
  • Can recognize how the SDS improves your access to vital safety, health, and environmental information about chemicals used in the workplace
  • Are able to identify the 16 sections of the SDS and the information contained in each section

    It’s easy to get started. Just put the CD in and the PowerPoint® with Audio will do the training for you!

If you’d like to personally evaluate Understanding the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) CNT with Audio and see how it can make OSHA-required SDS training easy and inexpensive, we’ll be happy to send it to you for 30 days on a no-cost, no-obligation trial basis. Just let us know, and we’ll arrange it.


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