Emergency Preparedness and Response

Tips for Writing Your Integrated Contingency Plan

Regulations Covered By the One Plan

The One Plan Guidance document presents an outline for preparing one plan to address the emergency response elements of the following nine federal regulations:

  • EPA’s RCRA contingency planning requirements
  • EPA’s SPCC and facility response plan (FRP) regulation
  • EPA’s risk management programs regulation
  • OSHA’s emergency action plan regulation
  • OSHA’s process safety management standard
  • OSHA’s HAZWOPER regulation
  • BSEE’s FRP regulation
  • DOT’s PHMSA pipeline response plan regulation
  • USCG’s FRP regulation

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Tips and Tricks for Writing Your ICP

The One Plan Guidance document provides a suggested ICP outline and attachments to assist in completing the outline. The outline organizes the One Plan into three main sections.

1. Plan introduction.The introduction section of the plan is designed to provide facility response personnel, outside responders, and regulatory officials with basic information about the plan and the entity it covers. It includes a statement of purpose and scope, a table of contents, information on the current revision date of the plan, general facility information, and key contacts for plan development and maintenance.

2. Core plan. This section should reflect the essential steps necessary to initiate, conduct, and terminate an emergency response action: recognition, notification, and initial response including assessment, mobilization, and implementation. The core plan does not need to detail all procedures necessary under these phases of a response, but should provide information that is time critical in the earliest stages of a response and a framework to guide responders through key steps necessary to mount an effective response.

3. Plan annexes. The annexes are designed to provide key supporting information for conducting an emergency response under the core plan as well as document compliance with regulatory requirements not addressed elsewhere in the One Plan Guidance document.


Attachments 2 and 3 to the One Plan Guidance document are a series of matrices designed to assist owners and operators in consolidating various plans and documenting compliance with federal regulatory requirements. The matrices can be used as the basis for developing a cross-reference to various regulatory requirements. Attachment 2 to the One Plan Guidance document displays areas of current regulations that align with the suggested elements of the One Plan. When addressing each element of the ICP outline, plan drafters can refer to this matrix to identify specific regulatory requirements related to that element. The matrices in Attachment 3 to the One Plan Guidance document display regulatory requirements of each of the regulations covered by the One Plan with an indication of where in the suggested One Plan Guidance document outline these requirements should be addressed.

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