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Safety Leader Expresses Concern at Fatality Stats

Even though fatal job accidents have declined over the past several years to 4,609 in 2011, they are still too high, says the president of ASSE.

"It’s alarming that 13 people a day are dying from work-related injuries," says Richard A. Pollack, president of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) . "This is a serious problem that we find unacceptable."

Pollack urges businesses to have systems in place that include programs aimed at preventing fatalities, injuries, and illnesses.

Such programs can prevent job fatalities like these, gathered from OSHA’s files for August and September of this year. Perhaps you’ll recognize a potential hazard for your employees on this list.

  • Employee died after falling from a roof through a skylight while removing metal panels.
  • Worker was killed after being pinned between the dirt compactor he was operating and a wall.
  • Worker was killed while repairing an air compressor after a 2-inch line separated and struck employee in the chest.
  • Worker was crushed when bucket of skid loader fell on him when he crawled under machine to disconnect a hydraulic line.
  • Employee was electrocuted when the forklift he was operating became entangled with a 440-480 volt electrical line.
  • Worker inside an asbestos pulverizing unit died from injuries after a combustible dust explosions occurred when equipment malfunctioned.
  • Worker driving a loaded gravel truck was killed when the brakes failed causing vehicle to strike trees.
  • Worker using a ladder to install brick board died after falling off the ladder.
  • Worker was behind truck and was caught-between truck and loading dock.
  • Employee assisting forklift operator died after being crushed by the forklift load.
  • Employee died after being crushed between a forklift and metal storage racking.
  • Worker at a recycling facility was crushed under a forklift after it tipped over.

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  • Worker died from chemical burns after a varnish applied to a floor caught fire.
  • Worker at an automobile assembly plant was crushed in machine.
  • Worker at an industrial gas plant died from carbon monoxide exposure.
  • Worker died from injuries sustained while operating a machine used to test hydraulic cylinders.
  • Worker at a vineyard was crushed in a wine press.
  • Worker died after falling through a first floor hole onto the basement floor.
  • Worker opening a filter casing died from burns after being sprayed with 100 degree celsius hot condensate.
  • Worker for a bronze foundry was killed when struck by a pressure vessel door.
  • Worker driving a maintenance cart died from head trauma when the brakes failed causing him to hit a wall.
  • Worker laying pipe inside a trench was killed when another pipe fell on the worker.
  • Worker died after being struck by lightning while collecting his tools from a roof.
  • Worker performing outside painting activities died from a heart attack, possibly heat-related.
  • Worker died from asphyxiation while performing maintenance on a tractor inside a closed garage.
  • Employee suffered fatal head and spine injuries after falling off of a dumpster.
  • Worker suffered fatal injuries after falling approximately 50 feet from a manlift.

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