Special Topics in Environmental Management

Do Any Of These EPA Water Regs Apply to You?

  • Does the facility discharge wastewater or any oil, grease, or other chemicals down a floor drain to a publicly owned treatment works (POTW) (another name for the local sewage treatment plant)? If the answer is yes, a facility owner or operator may need to have a pretreatment permit for these types of discharges.
  • Does the facility have any stormwater discharges, such as runoff that is collected in a storm drain and discharged to a water body or treatment plant or runoff from a construction site? If the answer is yes, a facility owner or operator will typically need a NPDES stormwater permit for this type of stormwater discharge.  

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  • Does the facility discharge any wastewater to a stream, river, lake, or ocean? If so, a facility owner or operator will typically have to apply for a state or federal wastewater discharge permit.
  • Does the facility want to conduct any construction or other activity in an area that could be a marsh or bog or otherwise covered with water and designated as wetlands? If yes, a facility owner or operator will typically need a federal dredge and fill permit and state/ local permits for activity in or near a wetlands area.

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  • Does the facility house a large number of animals that subsequently produce animal waste, including feedlot runoff, livestock waste, bedding and litter, and wasted feed? A farm owner or operator will need a NPDES agricultural permit if concentrated animal populations exceed certain levels.
  • Does the facility maintain, treat, or otherwise provide drinking water to the public? If yes, there may be permit and training requirements for operations that provide drinking water.