HazMat Transportation

Unsecured Packages Tops in Top 10 HazMat Violations

The top violation DOT inspectors have found so far in FY 2015 is that packages are not secured in vehicles. At 1,207 violations, this mistake accounted for 8.12% of the total violations. Following at a close second, inspectors have found 1,197 instances when there was no copy of the U.S. DOT registration number in the vehicles.

Four of the top 10 violations have to do with placarding requirements. In some cases, the placards were not there at all and, in some cases, the placards were damaged or obscured.

Two of the top 10 violations are related to shipping papers.  For instance, did you realize that you cannot carry the shipping papers in a clipboard that has a metal cover unless you have clearly marked the clipboard to indicate that it contains the shipping papers?

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Here’s a look at the top 10 hazmat transportation violations by trucks uncovered by DOT inspectors so far in FY 2015.

Regulation      Violation Description # of inspections # of violations % of total violations
1 49 CFR 177.834 Package not secure in vehicle 1,158 1,207 8.12%
2 49 CFR 107.620 No copy of US DOT hazardous materials registration number 1,195 1,197 8.06%
3 49 CFR 172.516 Placard damaged, deteriorated, or obscured 920 998 6.72%
4 49 CFR 177.817 No shipping papers (Carrier) 746 770 5.18%
5 49 CFR 172.504 Vehicle not placarded as required 732 770 5.18%
6 49 CFR 177.817 Shipping paper accessibility 759 761 5.12%
7 49 CFR 172.602 Emergency response information missing 606 606 4.08%
8 49 CFR 172.202 Failure to enter basic description of hazardous materials in proper sequence 587 604 4.06%
9 49 CFR 172.502 Failure to provide carrier- required placards 564 571 3.84%
10 49 CFR 177.823 No placards/markings when required 392 459 3.09%


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Data Source: FMCSA Motor Carrier Management Information System