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The Evolution and Promise of On-Site Clinics: Are They Right for You?

Improving employee health is a top business priority these days. It’s also smart business, say consultants, occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals, and business leaders involved in creating and operating worksite clinics. This article addresses issues that include recent research findings, strategy and best practices, and benefits for employers and employees.

The Alliance®, a nonprofit organization of self-funded employers, provides the following definition: “Onsite clinics offer health services at the workplace, but each clinic varies based on the nature of the employer and the workforce.”

Approaches can include full- or part-time centers that are open on weekdays; physician-led programs where a doctor is on-site 5 days a week and on call nights and weekends; or non-physician-led centers staffed by a nurse, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner. Clinics offer diverse services, including primary care, physical therapy, counseling, classes, occupational therapy, nutrition, and chiropractic treatment.

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1 thought on “The Evolution and Promise of On-Site Clinics: Are They Right for You?”

  1. Article demonstrates the spectrum of various types of onsite clinics a company could select depending on their culture, health and wellness initiatives and budget. Article references small organizations successfully using a simplified clinic model with a “sports trainer”. The Athletic Trainer and Sports Medicine approach continues to gain more traction with small and large companies utilizing the same approach as professional sports organizations. Athletic Trainers can facilitate care for basic illness to triaging injuries along with job coaching/ergonomics and nutritional/wellness education.

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