Regulatory Developments, Special Topics in Environmental Management

Emergency Generator Amendments Proposed

Explaining that owners of regulated stationary emergency generators supplying lifesaving power in emergency situations need more flexibility to bypass emissions controls, the EPA is proposing to allow manufacturers to design the engines in these generators with the means to allow operators to override emissions-control inducements. The Agency is also proposing to redefine remote areas of Alaska to allow the application of relaxed emissions standards for generators in a wider range of areas.

The proposal would amend EPA’s 2006 performance standards for stationary compression ignition (CI) internal combustion engines that power generators. The standards established engine limits on emissions of particulate matter, nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide, and nonmethane hydrocarbons. The standards were written to be phased in over several years in Tiers that have increasing levels of stringency depending on the engine model year and size of the engine. Tier 4 standards, which would be amended by the first part of the current proposal, generally apply to model year 2014 or 2015 stationary CI engines. Read More