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House Passes Joint Resolution to Block CPP

The U.S. House welcomed President Obama’s return from the Paris climate change conference by passing a joint resolution to block the EPA from implementing its Clean Power Plan (CPP) to regulate carbon emissions from existing power plants.

The CPP is the most important item in the president’s program to slow emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) that are altering the earth’s climate. The CPP has also served as exhibit number one in showing other nations that the U.S. wants to lead the world in fighting climate change and is taking concrete actions to do so.

The House approved Senate Joint Resolution (S.J. Res.) 24, which had been passed by the Senate November 17, 2015. Both chambers also approved a second joint resolution to block EPA’s GHG regulations for new power plants. The resolutions now go to the White House, which has indicated that the president will veto both items. Congressional sponsors of the resolutions do not have the votes needed to override the vetoes.

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