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Title V Permit Notices Go Electronic

In a proposal, the EPA is seeking to revise the public notice provisions for draft Clean Air Act (CAA) New Source Review (NSR) and Title V permits by eliminating the requirement that notice of a draft be published in general circulation newspapers and instituting an electronic public notification system. The proposal would also allow other information in the permit record to be made available electronically. The same proposed revisions would be applied to the CAA outer continental shelf (OCS) permit programs and the corresponding onshore area (COA) determinations for implementation of the OCS air quality regulations.

Under the proposal, federally delegated air permitting agencies would be allowed to continue to provide traditional newspaper notifications, but the EPA says the agencies would need to stick to a single consistent noticing method for all major source permits.

Agencies would also be allowed to make draft permits and the permit record available both electronically and in the paper media.

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