Incident Tracker, Analysis Tool Simplifies Incident Investigations

BLR’s Incident Tracker is a timesaving tool to track your company’s incidents, including near misses. But it can also simplify your incident investigation efforts–especially if the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requests that you conduct a Rapid Response Investigation, or RRI, following a report to the Agency of a fatality or severe injury.

All incidents should be investigated, but an accident investigation should definitely be conducted after a fatality or severe injury.

Since OSHA’s new reporting requirements (29 CFR 1904.39) went into effect in January 2015, the Agency has been inundated with workplace incidents reports. In response to the influx of reports, the Agency issued an internal enforcement memorandum to help the field offices manage these reports and to decide which establishments to inspect and from which to request an RRI.

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