Safety Culture and Behavioral Safety

The Quest for Zero: Safety Spark Plug or Trendy Gimmick?

For years, the safety community has discussed and debated the merits of a safety process that aims to eradicate all injuries, incidents, and fatalities. How reasonable is it to aim for the very pinnacle of safety achievement? Is the goal too lofty to inspire change? Could it actually hamper your efforts?

In this Compliance Report, we zero in on the topic with fresh eyes. We present the views of two thought leaders with starkly different viewpoints on the topic. And we go inside a leading global corporation that’s reinvented the zero concept to create a powerful platform for safety excellence.

Zero accident vision, sometimes known as zero incident culture, is a philosophy based on the idea that all safety incidents can be prevented. Some safety professionals see it as a powerful tool that keeps employees motivated to avoid shortcuts, heed training, and look out for one another. Others consider it a meaningless slogan with little potential to move the needle.

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