Injuries and Illness

New Report Uncovers Occupations Most Affected by Injuries

When you hear of workplace injuries, what industries and occupations come to mind? Most would assume anything construction related, as well as public service (i.e. police and firefighters). However, a new report from Paychex is offering some startling revelations into workplace injuries.

The report, “Workplace Injuries: Analyzing Which Industries, Occupations, and Groups Are Most Affected by Workplace Injuries and Illnesses,” compiles data from an updated U.S. Bureau of Labor Statics (BLS) report, and answers such questions like:

  • Which industries are most affected by workplace injuries?
  • Which employees are most likely to be injured?
  • What types of injuries do they sustain, and exactly what is causing them?
  • How much time off do workers need to recover?

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