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Communication: Tips for (Construction Stormwater) Compliance

At the most recent 2016 StormCon conference, thousands of stormwater enthusiasts infiltrated the city of Indianapolis eager to learn the tricks of the trade. Stormwater professionals from construction, industry, and municipalities all sought information on how to better their respective stormwater programs and to teach others the hard lessons learned.

StormCon offered strategic discussions on best management practices (BMPs), inspired green infrastructure ideas, and showcased a smattering of advanced stormwater technology in their trade show. But above all, one simple concept stood out the most—the importance of basic communication. Both Jerald Fifield of Hydrodynamics, Inc., and Jennifer Hildebrand with WSB and Associates contributed to the discussion of how the failure to communicate is influencing today’s compliance.

Note: This article focuses mainly on construction stormwater, but the tips can be readily applied to industrial or municipal stormwater programs as well as to other industries.

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