Personnel Safety

We’re Stacking Up Ways to Reduce Warehouse Risk

With more than 360,000 people employed at 16,000 warehouses and storage facilities in the United States, warehouses play a critical role in the flow of goods and services that fuel our economy. But the work can be hazardous, and vigilance is required. This Compliance Report reviews the hazards and solutions, with the focus on tips and best practices to keep your warehouse operation safe.

Despite growing sophistication around the role of warehouses in the logistics industry, the basic fact is unchanged. A warehouse is a primary storage facility for a business that has product to sell. Goods travel from the manufacturer or farmer to the warehouse, then on to distributors, shippers, stores, and customers.

Warehouse workers process and receive goods, unload, organize inventory, catalog what comes in, and pick and pack orders. As well, they break down bulk materials, label them, and load trucks. The work can be messy and dirty, especially when food and liquid are involved. That’s why keeping warehouses clean, dry, and free of housekeeping hazards is essential to employee protection.

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