Road Rage Is On the Rise. Are Your Drivers at Risk?

A road rage altercation allegedly led to the shooting death of 24-year-old Jesus Benitez-Jaimez on July 14, 2016. Benitez-Jaimez had pulled off the road in Panorama City, exited his vehicle, and walked back to confront the driver of another car behind him. When he approached the other driver’s window, Benitez-Jaimez was shot multiple times. He stumbled back to his own car, collapsed outside the driver’s door, and died at the scene, while the shooter drove away.

Incidents like this—and the aggressive behaviors that lead up to them—are becoming more common, according to a study released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety in July 2016. The foundation reports that nearly 80 percent of surveyed drivers admitted to behaving angrily, aggressively, or with all-out “road rage” at least once in the previous year.

The AAA Foundation believes that number could be low, as people tend to underreport their own bad behavior. And aggressive driving is a serious problem; it’s a factor in more than one-half of all traffic fatalities. Let’s dig into the types of behaviors that could put your drivers at risk—and what they can do to reduce that risk.

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