Personnel Safety

Holiday Cheer…or Fire Hazard? ‘Tis the Season to Deck the Halls Safely

Do you deck the halls in your workplace? Whether you do it for business-related purposes—decorating to draw in customers looking for holiday items—or just to bring some seasonal cheer into the workplace, make sure that your holiday decorations don’t invite tragedy. Decorate safely with these holiday tips.

Holiday decorations can pose a fire hazard, either because of how they’re made or how they’re used. To protect against the risks:

  • Choose safe decorationsby looking for the safety organization UL’s symbol on each electrical item. For nonelectrical décor, choose items that are flame-retardant whenever possible.
  • Maintain safe egress by not giftwrapping fire exit doors (or hanging other decorations in ways that would obscure their purpose) and not placing holiday trees or other large decorations (such as life-size toy soldiers) in front of emergency exits or in corridors that lead to fire exits.

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