Health and Wellness

Improved Health Results in Impressive ROI

If you’ve been focusing attention on improving employee health, you’ll want to check out encouraging new findings about the positive impact on business when employers address health and wellness.

A survey of 211 senior level executives in a variety of industries found that zeroing in on employee health and wellness yielded improvements in engagement and retention rates, and a decline in absenteeism.

The survey was conducted by CoreNet Global, a real estate professional organization, and the global real estate business CBRE Group, Inc. Noted CoreNet senior vice president Tim Venable, “Corporations that take an active role in managing health and wellness programs for employees are seeing positive returns on those investments. As the line between work and personal life is increasingly blurred due to technology, remote work, and 24/7 access to information, employers are taking measures to ensure employee health and wellness.”

Ninety percent of the firms surveyed have either implemented or are implementing active design—buildings that encourage physical activity. Efforts at health and wellness have paid off nicely. Nineteen percent of the businesses reported a drop in absenteeism, 25 percent saw increased retention, and 47 percent had an uptick in employee engagement.


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