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Furniture Maker Assembles a Safer Workplace

Indiana Furniture of Jasper is a 100-year-old business with a thoroughly modern approach to employee protection.

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The company recently achieved certification in Indiana OSHA’s Safety and Health Recognition Program (INSHARP). State labor commissioner Rick J. Ruble notes that INSHARP certification doesn’t come easily. “Indiana Furniture has gone above and beyond to protect its employees, and the Indiana Department of Labor is proud to recognize these efforts.”

Though small, the business has a comprehensive safety and health program with a strong training component. With no recordable injuries or illnesses in the past two years, Indiana Furniture’s three-year incident rate was about 36 percent below the national industry average.

Employers that receive INSHARP certification are exempted from programmed Indiana OSHA inspections for the period in which their certification is valid. However, employers are not exempt from inspections that result from an employee complaint, catastrophe, or fatality. Learn more about INSHARP at http://www.in.gov/dol/2382.htm.