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Manufacturer Fined Over $600K Following Worker Injury

An Ohio manufacturer of cast steel freight components is facing more than $610,000 in proposed penalties after OSHA investigators found workers at a Groveport facility exposed to machine hazards and silica. One worker was hospitalized after suffering severe injuries when he was caught in a machine. At least four employees were exposed to excessive levels of silica.

In early January 2017, a 60-year-old maintenance worker’s leg was crushed when he was caught in a production machine while conducting maintenance. The investigation found multiple instances of machine safety violations, including failure to lock out equipment to prevent start-up during servicing.

A second inspection was opened in February after OSHA inspectors found workers exposed to excessive amounts of silica. Investigators documented four incidents of silica overexposure at the facility. In total, OSHA cited the employer for 6 repeat, 19 serious, and 5 other-than-serious safety and health violations during the two inspections.

Deputy OSHA Chief Dorothy Dougherty advised employers to ensure their workers are trained in proper machine safety procedures and provided with the necessary personal protective equipment to prevent injuries and illnesses. “Continuous monitoring of facilities and procedures are important components of an effective safety and health program,” she added.