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Looking to Get an EHS Management Edge? Attend a Safety Forum Event!

Safety Forum events specifically cater to the needs of Directors, Managers, and Heads of Safety and EHS. The unique one-on-one format of this event allows you to connect with solution providers specific to your interests. Key topics of discussion include complying with OSHA requirements, how to reduce injuries, how to save costs, and fostering a culture of safety at your facility.

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Upcoming Event

Our next Safety Forum event will take place in Orlando, Florida, on November 13 and 14, 2017. The event, sponsored by SafeStart and Avetta, is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to gain an EHS management edge at your company and in your career.

When you register for the Safety Forum, you will have the opportunity to pre-select your meetings and seminars in advance. You’ll also get access to cutting-edge workshops and opportunities to share information with peers. The relaxed environment is the perfect venue to engage in discussion about new solutions, services, and technologies.

If you are looking for an efficient, easy way to review potential new service providers, our Forum events have been guiding the way for over 15 years.

98% of our delegates say that our events are “an easier, more efficient way to find out about potential service providers than an exhibition.” Here’s why…

Like all our Forums, the event is tailored to meet your requirements, is complimentary, and is limited to just 50 places to ensure you receive our personal attention. Here are some of the main benefits to attending the Forum:

  • Free workshops.
  • Free meals and refreshments.
  • Unparalleled networking opportunities.
  • A relaxed business-like environment.
  • Luxury venue, and hotel accommodations are included.
  • It’s an event where you decide who you meet, creating a professional, time-saving way to find product, service, and solution providers.
  • We provide a ‘no hassle, no hard sell’ environment.
  • With only 50 attendees, you are assured personalized service.

This Forum offers you an efficient and stress-free way to see what’s new in the industry, and make profitable connections and partnerships.

Event Workshops

Here are two examples of workshops you can attend at Safety Forum:

Leading Through Trust, Buy-In and Ownership at All Levels

Presented by Shawn M. Galloway, President, ProAct Safety, Inc.

Do employees perform excellently because you inspire them to or because they are fearful?  Do you want a culture of have-to or want-to? The answer is obvious. However, many leaders unintentionally make some common mistakes that undermine what they are trying to accomplish. Some actually damage their own programs while trying to improve them. Good intentions are not enough! To create sustainable, above-and-beyond performance in others, you must create an environment in which individuals feel motivated to provide critical discretionary effort.

During this session you’ll learn:

  • How the best-performing organizations are moving towards strategic models leveraged in business and applying them inside their organization to advance their culture
  • Why companies are moving away from best practices and toward better practices
  • Insights into human performance and behavioral sciences and understand why you have the current performance you are experiencing
  • How to evolve from managing compliance to coaching for discretionary performance vital to achieving excellence in performance and culture

OSHA Compliance Assistance Programs to Help with Compliance Issues

Presented by Joan M. Spencer, U.S. DOL – OSHA

OSHA fines are expensive; you could be issued a penalty of $12,675 for just ONE serious violation of an OSHA standard. But compliance doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. This presentation will ensure you know the most effective means to understand OSHA standards and prevent your company from incurring costly fines.

This session will cover:

  • Basics of OSHA Inspections
  • Implementing an Safety and Health Management System
  • Basics of OSHA Compliance Assistance Programs
  • Training materials and resources

For More Information

Please contact us for more information:

Cherissa Irvin, Event Manager
(941) 925-7585 x8162

Ryan Vincent, National Account Manager
800-727-5257 x2237

We hope to see you in Orlando this November!