Electrical Safety

Delaware Electrical Company Demonstrates Decades of Safety Commitment

For 30 years, Mohawk Electrical Systems has participated in an initiative that rewards Delaware businesses that maintain a strong safety program with discounts on their workers’ compensation coverage. The Milford business was recently recognized for being the first in the state to complete three decades in the Delaware Workplace Safety Program.

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Mohawk Electrical Systems president Scott Welch says the semi-annual inspections required of participants are not a burden, but provide an opportunity for improvement. “An outside set of eyes helps keep our personnel focused on safety and reminds everyone our number one goal is our employee well-being.” He says working to prevent incidents has translated to dollars saved. Welch estimates avoiding incidents has yielded an annual savings of about $2,500, and says workers at the company have gone as long as 860 days without an injury.

The Delaware Workplace Safety Program is offered by the state’s Department of Insurance in coordination with the Compensation Rating Bureau. Participants in the voluntary program save up to 19% on the Delaware portion of their workers’ compensation insurance premiums each year they participate. Over the last five years, Delaware employers have saved over $45 million in premiums. Learn more at https://insurance.delaware.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/15/2017/02/2017-Workplace-Safety-Brochure.pdf.