OSHA: Online Training Acceptable as Part of Overall Training Program

OSHA accepts the use of online or computer-based training in the context of a comprehensive, blended training program. The agency has provided ample guidance for employers in its rules and in many letters of interpretation for the use of a blend of online, classroom, hands-on, and site-specific resources and delivery methods to train workers in compliance with agency rules.

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BLR® has developed an array of training resources for employers that reflect OSHA’s rules and interpretations about training content and delivery methods, including their most recent OSHA letter as described in a recent EHS Daily Advisor article, “Computer-Based Training: Will It Keep You in Compliance?

OSHA has stated repeatedly and consistently in its training-related interpretation letters that online or computer-based training is acceptable as part of an overall training program that includes hands-on and site-specific information and work practices where it is needed to meet workplace safety goals. For example, see the collection of OSHA Computer and Web-Based Training Interpretation Letters that discuss when employers can use the computer-based training programs to help meet the minimum requirements for the course content material of a training course.

In another OSHA letter accepting online delivery as part of overall training, if employees demonstrate the knowledge and skills required for the work as a result of the training session, then the online or web-based training method, including the local demonstration of skills, meets the training requirements of OSHA’s electrical safety rule.

BLR Blended Learning Resources

BLR offers all the resources and guidance that employers need to develop their own OSHA-compliant blended approach to training that meets the requirements outlined in the OSHA letter. BLR provides a blended training program that leverages the learning and program efficiency advantages of online delivery with the hands-on and site-specific requirements of OSHA rules.

In addition to online training courses, BLR provides the tools and resources you need to create a blended, multimedia training program that will help you stay in compliance and stay in budget. See the Step-By-Step Guide to Safety Training Resources resource center that lists the following types of resources you need in a step-by-step outline to meet your training needs and stay in compliance:

  • Training needs assessment guidelines, checklists, and worksheets to help you determine the work conditions that require training and the training delivery options that will meet your objectives.
  • Training resources specific to the types of workers that need training: new or seasoned, supervisors, contractors, temporary workers, and foreign language-speaking.
  • Selection of online courses, classroom-based customizable courses, onsite trainers, safety meeting and toolbox talk resources, posters, signs, and training tips for trainers for conducting onsite, hands-on, and site-specific training. For example, BLR’s customizable, prewritten PowerPoint presentations are designed for instructor-led onsite or classroom delivery with written guided group exercises, handouts, and quizzes to help you run practice sessions and evaluate what workers have learned.
  • Recordkeeping resources to document your program if an OSHA inspector arrives.