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The Top Risks Concerning Businesses and Employees May Surprise You

The Travelers Companies, Inc. recently announced the results of the 2017 Travelers Risk Index. The survey identifies the overall perception of risks for business leaders and consumers.

Risk management reduction

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This year, 52 percent of consumers say they think the world is getting riskier, down from 63 percent in 2013. And, just in time for winter, 63 percent of business leaders reported they have a plan in place for severe weather.

The Travelers Risk Index found that businesses and consumers shared these concerns:

  • Cyber threats. 56 percent of businesses and 54 percent of consumers worry about cyber risks.
  • Distracted driving. 40 percent of millennials worry that they are too distracted by their mobile phones while driving, and 30 percent of businesses worry that distracted driving by employees puts their companies at risk.
  • Safety at work and at home. 36 percent of businesses are concerned about employees getting injured in the workplace.