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The Air Force’s Innovative Safety App

The Air Force has high hopes for its Airman Safety App, described as a simple, web-based tool that provides a streamlined process for Airmen and others to report safety issues as they encounter them. A recent update to the tool, developed by the Air Force Safety Center, will enhance voluntary reporting capacity for safety issues and events.

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Said Col. William Culver, Air Force Chief of Aviation Safety, “The Air Force wants to utilize every Airman as a sensor to identify hazards in their workplace and throughout the installation. The aviation community, both commercial and military, has been doing this for many years, and now we can take those best practices across all safety disciplines.”

Airmen will also have access to the latest hazard reports through active messaging and an Aviation Safety Action Program scoreboard. Another improvement links the app with a new hazard management module that lets safety professionals track and mitigate reported hazards.

The Air Force says the Airman Safety App opens the door to a new way of limiting and eliminating safety hazards, while providing data for “proactive mishap prevention and effective risk management.” Learn more at http://www.safety.af.mil/Divisions/Aviation-Safety-Division/Proactive-Aviation-Safety/ASAP/.