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What Makes an Award-Winning Safety Program?

The deadline for our Safety Standout Awards nominations is now two weeks away! As we continue to receive applications ahead of March 1, 2021, we’re taking a look back at some of our previous award winners. Read on to learn more about these programs and professionals and then put your organization forward for recognition.

Safety Standout Awards group photoThe EHS Daily Advisor Safety Standout Awards, sponsored by SafeStart, were first awarded in 2018. In the three years since, we have had 5 award cycles and have recognized 22 organizations and professional (plus many more runners-up) who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to workplace safety.

Our winners are a diverse group of professionals and companies from a wide range of industries including manufacturing, construction, healthcare, shipbuilding, and higher education. However, all of them are united in a common mission: Keeping their workforces safe from hazards, injuries, and illness. We know all of our readers in the environment, health, and safety (EHS) field share this passion—as we approach our next nomination deadline for our 2021 awards, remember that your outstanding safety programs could join our extended family of Safety Standout Award winners!

A Look Back at Previous Winners

Over the years, it has been our privilege to recognize these safety professionals whose important work behind the scenes too often goes underappreciated. Here is a look back at some of our previous coverage.

  • Our very first award winners included our first ever Lifetime Achievement and Young Safety Professional Excellence awards and were recognized at our 5th annual Safety Summit in Orlando, Florida. We also recognized many impressive runners-up who were among our first group of nominees.
  • Our next round of Safety Standout Award winners focused on excellent safety cultures and introduced some new categories to our program. (Check out our great honorable mentions for this round as well.)
  • In 2019, we again hosted two rounds of Safety Standout Awards, with our first group of winners and runners-up honored in the spring at our Safety Summit, and a second cohort of winners and runners-up honored during our fall Safety Culture event.
  • You probably heard that 2020 was … an unusual year. The Safety Standout Awards adapted with the times, as we moved to an annual rather than semiannual program covering six categories of awards. Our winners and runners-up for 2020 were honored remotely during our new EHS Now virtual event.

Be a Part of Our 2021 Safety Standout Awards!

Now that you’ve met of the great companies and individuals who have won a Safety Standout Award, you may very well be thinking: My team deserves one, too! However, you can’t win if you don’t apply. Our nomination deadline is in two weeks, however, so you need to act now.

Read our submission guidelines and rules today, and download your free application(s) to be recognized in up to two of the six following categories:

  • Best Overall Safety Program and Culture
  • Innovations in Safety Training Award
  • BLR’s Lifetime Achievement in Safety Award
  • Moving Beyond Compliance Award
  • Best Safety Committee
  • Young Safety Professional Excellence Award

Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your commitment to workplace safety. Our winners will receive:

  • A plaque;
  • Media coverage on the  EHS Daily Advisor, including articles like those highlighted above as well as a press release; and
  • Recognition during our upcoming EHS Now virtual event in June 2021.

We hope to hear about your excellent safety programs and professionals soon. Good luck!

About Awards Sponsor SafeStart

The EHS Daily Advisor Safety Standout Awards are sponsored by SafeStart, a safety company focused on human factors. Its mission is to reduce preventable deaths and injuries both on and off the job by making human factors more understandable, safety training more personable, and giving organizations around the world a more engaging and useful approach to keeping people safe.

SafeStart’s practical approach to learning and their transformative human factors framework allow their consultants, staff, and clients to unlock continuous improvements and tackle the toughest workforce challenges. Its unique combination of individual and system solutions gives companies a more dynamic and reliable approach to preventing injuries and improving performance. Learn more at safestart.com.