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What State Plan States Require AEDs in the Workplace?

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards do not specifically address automated external defibrillators (AEDs). However, exposures to first-aid hazards and the requirement that persons be properly trained to render first aid, which in some instances requires CPR training, are addressed in specific OSHA standards for the general industry. The regulations in state plan states follow federal OSHA and do not specifically address AEDs.

Automated External Defibrillator, AEDs

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However, many states have separate legislation requiring AEDs.  Below is a listing of the private and public places where AEDs are required by state law in the state plan states.

Arizona – Any state building that is constructed or any state building that undergoes a major renovation at a cost of at least $250,000 after 2011

Alaska – None

California – School districts or charter schools that have interscholastic athletic programs; certain public swimming pools; commuter rail systems; health studios; fitness centers; assembly buildings with an occupancy of greater than 300; business buildings with an occupancy of 200 or more; educational buildings with an occupancy of 200 or more; factory buildings with an occupancy of 200 or more; institutional buildings with an occupancy of 200 or more; mercantile buildings with an occupancy of 200 or more; residential buildings with an occupancy of 200 or more, excluding single-family and multifamily dwelling units

Connecticut – Public golf courses; athletic departments of each institution of higher education; certain medical settings (dialysis units and out-patient surgical facilities operated by corporations other than hospitals)

Hawaii – Freestanding surgical outpatient facilities; public schools

Illinois – Police departments; sheriff offices; physical fitness facilities; facilities that provide sedation or anesthesia; horse racing facilities; dental offices that administer anesthesia or sedation; indoor physical fitness facilities (does not include health facilities that serve less than 100 individuals, or ones that are located in a hospital, hotel/motel or any outdoor facility and does not apply to facilities that do not employ people who instruct, train or assist people who use the facility)

Indiana – Health clubs with 50 or more members

Iowa – Track, gambling structures, and gambling boats; dental offices administering deep sedation, general anesthesia, and moderate sedation

Kentucky – Dental offices offering anesthesia or sedation

Maine – K-12 schools

Maryland – Public swimming pools; public schools; school-sponsored athletic events; dental facilities

Michigan – Health clubs

Minnesota – Dental offices that administer anesthesia or sedation

Nevada – The Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority; school districts in a county whose population is 100,000 or more; certain legislative buildings including county buildings and sporting arenas

New Jersey – K-12 schools; nursing homes; health clubs; assisted living facilities

New Mexico – None

New York – State buildings; schools; places of public assembly; beaches and pools with lifeguards; health clubs with more than 500 people

Oregon – Dental offices where anesthesia is used; all general-use pools, and pools at health clubs serving 100 patrons or more a day; health clubs; places of public assembly (50,000 square feet or more of indoor space); camps with 100 or more campers onsite; each school campus in a school district, private school campus, and public charter school campus

South Carolina – School districts

Tennessee – Dental offices that administer anesthesia and sedation; public schools; office-based surgery; optometrist offices offering local anesthetic

Utah – Ambulatory surgical centers; dentists administering anesthesia/sedation

Vermont – None

Virginia – Dental offices which provide deep sedation/general anesthesia; penitentiary facilities; health clubs

Washington – None

Wyoming – None

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