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Ask the Expert: Return to Driving After Seizure on the Job

In our latest installment of Ask the Expert, brought to you by the team of industry experts at EHS Hero®, we look at a recent question from a subscriber regarding when an HVAC technician can return to driving after having a seizure. See what the experts had to say.

Q: An HVAC technician recently had a seizure on the job. When will he be able to drive again?

The Texas Medical Advisory Board (MAB) has stated that persons with seizures of all types (with the possible exception of simple partial sensory seizures) require a seizure-free period on or off medications of three months for a class C license with a “P” restriction that they cannot drive taxis, buses, or emergency vehicles. 
Persons who have only pure simple partial sensory seizures meeting criteria #1 and #3 below will be eligible for a class C license with the “P” restriction. A history of recurrent seizures, epileptic, or convulsive attacks precludes operation of cargo transport, passenger transport and emergency vehicles in classes A, B and C. Operation of personal automobiles in class C is dependent upon the following conditions: 
1. Currently under a physician’s care to assess control by anticonvulsant medication, drug side effects, seizure recurrence, and any neurological or medical changes in condition. 
2. No evidence of clinical seizures (including partial seizures) in a three-month driving restriction period prior to medical review. 
3. Specific recommendation from applicant’s physician regarding applicant’s reliability in taking medications, avoiding sleep deprivation and fatigue, and avoiding alcohol abuse. 
4. If an applicant has a well-controlled seizure disorder on medications proven by time, and then has a seizure when his physician makes a medication change, he should be allowed to drive when returned to his previous medication regimen. In some cases the treating physician may wish to recommend a longer period of driving restriction than just three months. In those cases, the physician recommendation should be followed. 

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