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Looking Back at EHS Compliance Week

As EHS Daily Advisor winds down Compliance Week, let’s take a look back at our various content offerings throughout the week. Compliance with the various requirements and regulations surrounding safety is a key component in improving workplace safety, and the guests who contributed their expertise this week provided plenty of useful and insightful tips and advice that you can use.

Check out all of our content and events below, and if you missed any of the presentations, you can still catch them on demand, so don’t miss out!


Back to Basics Feature | Preventing the Transmission of Bloodborne Pathogens

Back to Basics is a weekly feature that highlights important but possibly overlooked information that any EHS professional should know. This week, we celebrate EHS Compliance Week by examining the dangers of bloodborne pathogens and how employers can help prevent their transmission in the workplace.

Read the article here.

Panel Discussion | The Colliding Worlds of HR and EHS

HR and EHS worlds collide when implementing new OSHA rules, and lately with regard to the COVID-19 vax, but also heat stress (worker scheduling), whistleblower protections under Sec 11C/1904.36, medical cannabis, drug testing post-accident, and more. Panel moderator Adele Abrams and our expert panelists (Tiffany Castagno, PHR, SHRM-CP, Chief Executive Officer, CEPHR, LLC; Subena Colligan, CIH, CSP, Principal, S. Colligan Coaching; and Jill James, Chief Safety Officer, HSI) discussed how these two departments can work more cohesively to get ahead of any potential retaliation claims.

To access the on-demand presentation, click here.


EHS On Tap Podcast | Reimagining How You Learn and Teach First Aid/CPR/AED

On episode 96 of EHS On Tap, Dom Tolli of the American Red Cross talks about the organization’s new approach to lifesaving training techniques. This episode is sponsored by the American Red Cross as part of EHS Compliance Week.

Listen here!

Fireside Chat | Connecting EHS with ESG: How Safety Pros Can Influence Sustainable Change

As environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) is increasingly on executive’s radar, the EHS professional has a substantial role to play. It’s important for EHS professionals to understand the historical foundation of ESG to see the future of the initiative. This presentation will enable EHS professionals to speak intelligently on the topic of ESG and make the business case for EHS in 2022 and beyond. Adele Abrams, Esq., CMSP, Attorney, Law Office of Adele Abrams P.C. and Abby Ferri, Senior Risk Control Consultant, led the discussion.

To access the on-demand presentation, click here.


Featured Download | Bloodborne Pathogens Regulatory Compliance Audit Checklist

Hundreds of thousands of injuries put workers at risk of exposure to bloodborne diseases every year. But there are many effective precautions your employees can take. Use this Bloodborne Pathogens checklist to train your workers on bloodborne pathogens.  

Download your free copy here.

Fireside Chat | A Data-Driven Approach to Environmental Safety Compliance

In an effort to leverage advanced technologies to improve water and wastewater systems across the United States, Brown and Caldwell has adopted field inspection management capabilities that can increase compliance and inspection performance at the same time.

Join Sean Kilpatrick from Brown and Caldwell, for a fireside-chat discussion that lays out some of the advantages of their data-driven approach to environmental safety.

To access the on-demand presentation, click here.


“Faces of EHS” Feature Interview | Steve Roberts, PhD., of Safety Performance Solutions Inc.

On our weekly “Faces of EHS” column, we profile leaders in the industry, shining a light on their background, best practices, trends, and, most importantly, how they keep their organizations safe, healthy, productive, and compliant. This week, our editorial team connected with Steve Roberts, PhD., of Safety Performance Solutions Inc., to learn more about the face behind the role and how he helps his clients overcome today’s top safety challenges.

Read the interview here.

Educational Session | The Future is Now: How AI Is Changing Regulatory Compliance

Complying with environment, health, and safety (EHS) legal requirements is a critical activity for any organization. With the number of regulations and obligations, like ESG, increasing every year, organizations need to be able to analyze data more accurately and comply faster in order to mitigate risk and avoid fines. During this session led by ehsAI CEO Margery Moore, you’ll learn how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are revolutionizing the way organizations are managing compliance and meeting their regulatory requirements.

To access the on-demand presentation, click here.


Educational Session | The EHS Baseline for Growth

Maintaining health and safety compliance is crucial for any business. Being compliant is about more than simply just “checking the boxes” of regulations. As EHS professionals, the more we can understand where we have been, the better we will be able to predict and understand the future of where we can improve. In this session, Langdon Dement, Global EHS Specialist, Evotix, will explore why compliance is our baseline for true growth, the importance of recording and understanding what is happening in the organization, and how technology and overall buy-in can promote a more fluid process.

To access the on-demand presentation, click here.

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