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EHS Now: A Recap

As EHS Daily Advisor’s EHS Now wraps up, let’s take a look back at the various content offerings that became available. Be sure to check out these virtual events and resources designed to help EHS professionals develop and refine their skills on a variety of topics, including fall protection, safety culture, OSHA recordkeeping, and more.

Day One

Opening Keynote | Evaluating Your Emergency Response Options: Is 911 Enough?

Presented by: Drew Hinton, CSP, CHMM, EMT, President/CEO, Arrow Safety, LLC

If there’s a foreseeable emergency in your workplace, OSHA requires you to plan for it. But how well do you actually plan for each type of emergency situation? In this session, we will discuss how to properly evaluate your local fire department’s response capabilities, as well as how it ties into applicable OSHA and ANSI standards.

To access the on-demand presentation, click here.

Industry Update | QR Codes: Simplify Your EHS Reporting

Sponsored by: Dakota Software

Presented by: Robert Kimball, Director of Product Marketing, Dakota Software

The use of QR codes can greatly simplify EHS issue reporting, improving the quantity and quality of data, and establishing a feedback loop that enables continuous improvements. To initiate reports, personnel simply need to scan the QR codes using their mobile phone or tablet. The more safety information that is collected, the more insights safety leaders have into areas of concern and overall EHS performance.

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Fireside Chat | Safety Is Our #1 Priority … Is That Really True?

Sponsored by: Evotix

Presented by: Matthew Elson, CEO, and Langdon Dement, Global EHS Specialist, Evotix

How often do you hear business talk about safety being their #1 priority? Do you believe this? We don’t! The statement is a cliché—of course it sounds right: what is not to like about prioritizing safety?  But, in reality, business is about serving a purpose, creating value, “being in business”! The #1 priority is not safety but safe operations.

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Educational Session | Simplifying Environmental, Health, and Safety Processes with Cutting-Edge AI

Sponsored by: ehsAI

Presented by: Marcel Guevara, Vice President EHS, ehsAI; Mahdi Ramezani,
Chief Technical Officer, ehsAI; and Linsey DeBell, Directing Consultant, ALL4

In this webinar, we will examine NLP in depth and show how it is revolutionizing EHS reporting processes in countless industries, such as energy, resources, and more. In addition, one of our partners that has adopted the ehsAI platform will discuss how they have leveraged the power of NLP and the game-changing impact it has had on their processes and overall organization.

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Day Two

Town Hall | Workplace Safety Hot Topics: Leadership, Training, Workforce Retention, ESG

Moderator: Jay Kumar, Editor, EHS Daily Advisor

Panelists: Drew Hinton, CSP, CHMM, EMT, President/CEO, Arrow Safety, LLC; and Camille Oakes, President, Better Safety, LLC

We’re kicking off day 2 of our Now event with an engaging town hall discussion featuring two expert panelists who will come together to examine best practices and strategies that your peers are implementing to conquer hot-button issues such as leadership development, trainer qualifications, workforce retention, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts. 

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Educational Session | How to Reduce Hand Injuries in Construction and Other Industries that Rely on Sub-Contractors

Sponsored by: Superior Glove

Presented by: Mike de Jong, BC Construction Division HS&E Manager, Ledcor; and Shane Nider, Hand Safety Specialist, Superior Glove

Hand injuries are the #1 preventable injury in the workplace. Despite plentiful PPE, preventable hand injuries still occur at very high rates among industries where sub-contractors are a key part of the workforce. But, as a prime contractor, how can you achieve the compliance and accountability necessary to reduce these preventable injuries when your workforce is not exactly yours? Join us to learn about our free hand safety program and how the prime contractors we work with are using its resources to overcome the challenges of preventing hand injuries among their sub-contractors.

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Fireside Chat | Implementing Sustainability Throughout the Entire Supply Chain

Sponsored by: Avetta

Presented by:Danny Shields, Quality, Health, Safety, Sustainability Professional, Avetta

While companies recognize the importance of achieving sustainable outcomes, they don’t realize most of that impact is in their supply chain. A recent survey of companies by Avetta found that while 79% and 63% of companies believe employee health and safety and reducing environmental footprint are “very important,” respectively, only 39% of respondents feel sustainability supply chain issues are “very important.”

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