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EHS Now: Using AI to Simplify EHS Processes

On Day 1 of EHS Now’s exclusive free online summit, the last session of the day will focus on how AI can make your job as an EHS professional easier.

Day 1: Wednesday, March 23

Educational Session | Simplifying Environmental, Health, and Safety Processes with Cutting-Edge AI

Time: 1:15 PM – 2:15 PM EDT

Sponsored by ehsAI

Presented by: Marcel Guevara, Vice President EHS, ehsAI; Mahdi Ramezani, Chief Technical Officer, ehsAI; and Linsey DeBell, Directing Consultant, ALL4

Industries are being transformed at breakneck speed, as new technologies dramatically alter the way its key players operate. Look no further than the environmental, health, and safety (EHS) industry for proof. One innovative application in particular that is making deep inroads is Natural Language Processing (NLP), and it’s one that every EHS professional should be following closely.

NLP is a sub-discipline of artificial intelligence (AI), and it’s doing amazing things—namely, allowing computers to carry out specific tasks just as a human would. Thanks to NLP, computers are able to, among other functions, recognize entities and then categorize and summarize them. And they do this with no human bias involved, in a fraction of the time.

This capability makes NLP a natural fit for working with regulatory documents, such as laws, regulations, permits, licenses, and others. Data sitting within them that is needed to meet regulatory requirements can be extracted in seconds, rather than hours or days, as has been the historical norm.

NLP can also optimize conformance with management systems by applying it to standards, procedures, and plans. The results are a reduction in time and cost and an increase in accuracy. EHS software can be set up much more easily, and helpful compliance checklists and calendars can be developed in no time. The task of working with EHS-related public information also becomes much less burdensome with NLP, helping firms meet their increasing reporting requirements around corporate responsibility and ESG.

In this webinar, we will examine NLP in depth and show how it is revolutionizing EHS reporting processes in countless industries, such as energy, resources, and more. In addition, one of our partners that has adopted the ehsAI platform will discuss how they have leveraged the power of NLP and the game-changing impact it has had on their processes and overall organization.

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