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EHS Now: Previewing Day 2

EHS Now’s exclusive online summit is taking place on June 15-16, 2022. Join us for this free virtual event catered to EHS professionals looking to develop and refine their skills on a variety of topics, including ESG, safety culture, safety data, heat stress, and more. Here’s a look at what’s happening on Day 2.

Day 2: Thursday, June 16

Town Hall | Heat Stress: Expert Insight from Athletics and Industry

Time: 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM EDT

Sponsored by Ergodyne

Presented by: Alsie Nelson, Product Director, Ergodyne; Leela Laxpati, CSP, Delta Airlines; and Mandy Phillips, Safety Manager, Ames Construction

Join a panel of health and safety professionals as they discuss the challenges of creating and implementing successful heat stress programs without disrupting morale or productivity.

This session uses knowledge, advice, and research findings from industry and athletics to help attendees get answers to their most prevalent questions including:

  • What are the key components of an effective heat stress plan?
  • How do you implement a plan for your team?
  • What are the OSHA heat stress standards?
  • What cooling PPE is appropriate for your work environment?

Championing a heat stress program also requires a basic understanding of how the body reacts to heat and how to adjust to rising temperatures and the increased demands it puts on a worker. Beyond creating and implementing a heat stress plan, this session will help the audience understand the environment in which employees are working and offer guidance as to what cooling technologies work in different environments and/or applications.

While most heat stress discussions focus on the outdoor worker there are factors which occur in an indoor setting that will be discussed as well.

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Educational Session | The EHS Workflow and where we can improve it with AI

Time: 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM EDT

Sponsored by ehsAI

Presented by: Marcel Guevara, Vice President EHS, ehsAI

From developing an EHS management stystem to the implementation and evaluation of its performance, EHS professionals need to conduct multiple and lengthy tasks.

Over the last 20 years, the adoption of new technologies has been improving how professionals and organizations are addressing day-to-day challenges to improve performance, reduce costs, and, more importantly, ensure the well-being of the workforce and the reduction of our impact on the environment.

During this webinar, we will be discussing the workflow of activities, highlighting the specific areas where new technology has been developed. Primarily, we will discuss the advances in natural language process (NLP), a sub-discipline of artificial intelligence (AI), and it’s helping professionals read and analyze long text and extract the relevant information.  

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Fireside Chat | Implementing Sustainability Throughout the Entire Supply Chain

Time: 1:30 PM – 2:00 PM EDT

Sponsored by Avetta

Presented by: Danny Shields, Quality, Health, Safety, Sustainability Professional

While companies recognize the importance of achieving sustainable outcomes, they don’t realize most of that impact is in their supply chain. A recent survey of companies by Avetta found that while 79% and 63% of companies believe employee health and safety and reducing environmental footprint is “very important,” respectively, only 39% of respondents feel sustainability supply chain issues are “very important.”

The more intricate a supply chain is, the more prone an organization is to uncertainties and hidden risks. A majority of sustainability concerns and red flags stem from the supply chain. The average supply chain generates emissions that are 5.5 times greater than operational emissions. Supply chains are responsible for more than 3/4 of greenhouse gas emissions for several industry sectors. Supply chains are also responsible for over 90% of natural capital impact.

Join us as our speaker discusses how companies accomplish the following to improve sustainability compliance in the supply chain:

  • Set clear supply chain sustainability targets to report progress
  • Implement ESG supply chain requirements through formal contracts
  • Establish adequate governance structures
  • Create incentives to improve supply chain performance
  • Assess, manage, and monitor supply chain risks
  • Enhance supply chain traceability and transparency
  • Engage with suppliers

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Closing Keynote | 2022 Safety Standout Awards

Time: 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM EDT

Presented by: Peter Batrowny

Sponsored by SafeStart

Join us as we announce the EHS Daily Advisor’s Safety Standout Awards winners! We’ll be announcing winners from the following categories:

  1. Best Overall Safety Program and Culture
  2. Innovations in Safety Training Award
  3. Moving Beyond Compliance Award
  4. Best Safety Committee
  5. Young Safety Professional Excellence Award

After our ceremony, stick around for our energizing and engaging closing keynote; Speeding Up Safety Success

Improvements in safety systems often require change in people—and changing people’s behavior is hard. Effectively improving safety performance and positively changing culture, sometimes requires a different lens to look at common issues in the workplace.

The upside is that unlocking the secret to shifting worker behavior can speed up safety success. This session will focus on using the common thread of human factors to induce effective change, enhance many elements of a safety management systems and improve safety outcomes.

Attendees will learn:

  • How human factors contribute to common injuries, culture change, and employee engagement
  • How safety professionals can use human factors concepts to optimize safety outcomes
  • Tools to effectively managing human factors at the organizational and individual levels

Attendees will also have access to resources and real-world examples to help them on their path to stronger human factors management.

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