Cut the Power on Portable Power Tool Accidents

Portable power tools have revolutionized work, but also added new safety concerns. This Friday, our Safety Training Tips editor explains how to reap the benefits of these tools while minimizing the hazards. Here’s what he says you should do… Make sure workers recognize the risks. Power tools can be hazardous in various ways. For example:•     […]

The 4 Elements of Effective Safety Training

What separates strong safety training from ho-hum efforts? Experts say it’s mastery of these four elements. In yesterday’s Advisor, we began a discussion of what the “Trainer’s Corner” experts in our sister publication, OSHA Compliance Advisor, say makes an effective safety trainer. Previously, we covered the preparation phase of training, specifically in deciding on what […]

Do Your Safety Trainers Need Training?

Safety trainers need to know both their subjects and the art of teaching. The first step to mastering it is knowing what and whom to teach. Here are some tips for finding out. During our lives, we all have had effective teachers. And the content they taught and behaviors they modeled made us both smarter […]

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Abuse: Steps to Stop It

Workplace drug and alcohol abuse costs businesses a hundred billion dollars a year, and that’s before the enormous human costs. But a solid antiabuse program can help curb it at your organization. Here are key steps in setting one up. One hundred billion dollars a year. That’s what the U.S. government estimates is the annual […]

Safety Compliance: Why Supervisors Also Need to Know

You may be the safety professional at your organization. But by law, every supervisor has the same responsibility. That means they, too, have a need to know what you already do. And now there’s a special audio conference to help teach them. Yesterday’s Advisor broached the subject of what line supervisors and managers should do […]

8 Steps to Take if OSHA Comes, and You’re Not There

OSHA can pull a surprise inspection at any time. If you’re not available to deal with them, what do you want your line supervisors and managers to do? Here are 8 suggested steps for them to take. As a safety professional, you know there’s always the possibility that, on any day and at any time, […]

Safety Awareness: More Ways to Build It

Safety awareness can’t be dictated. Instead, employees have to be immersed in it, from many directions. Here are a few steps toward helping workers reach that state of mind. In the last Advisor, we began exploring ways to build safety awareness into your workers’ thought patterns … to get them to think about doing things […]

Brainstorm Your Way to Safety Awareness

To be safe, workers need to think safety in everything they do. That’s called safety awareness. Here is a technique to get them to more involved in building it. If you’re like many safety professionals, you spend your days (and probably nights, too) working on and thinking about ways to make your workplace safer. You […]