OSHA Investigating Broadway Production After Actor’s Serious Fall

OSHA is investigating “Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark,” after one of its actor’s was seriously injured after a fall during a performance on December 20th. This is the fourth injury reported since October for the $60 million dollar Broadway production, according to the Wall Street Journal. The production had been under investigation since November 2nd, […]

3 Strategies for Improving Your Safety Culture

Developing an effective safety culture is something we all seek to achieve. Here are three strategies that can help. One of the most popular sessions at the National Safety Council’s Congress and Expo last October was entitled “3 Potential Strategies to Enhance Your Safety Culture.” During the session, Dr. Earl Blair from Indiana University presented […]

Find Out How Gallo Winery Cultivates a Safe Workplace

Read about an employer that has developed a thriving safety culture which has contributed to an injury and illness rate about 60 percent below the industry average. The E & J Gallo Winery is the largest family-owned winery in the world and the largest exporter of California wine. It’s also a company that is dedicated […]

Celebrate Diversity!

January 17 is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which makes it a great time to celebrate diversity in your workplace. For safety’s sake, you need your employees to learn to respect each other’s differences so they can understand each other, communicate effectively, and work together safely. Discuss all the ways employees can be diverse. For […]

Are you a Safe Worker?

Any day is the perfect time to ask yourself that question. You also might want to copy this test and give it to your co-workers. Safe workers protect not only themselves but everyone around them. Answer “Yes” or “No” to the following. Do you: Treat safety as a very important job responsibility? Plan each job […]

Back Up Your Back Safety Program with Feedback on Safe Lifting

Making sure employees lift safely and avoid back injuries is an ongoing process. Good training supplemented by frequent feedback is a winning combination. Let’s say there’s this workplace that is experiencing a high rate of back injuries. The safety manager knows that most of the injuries are a result of unsafe lifting. The company has […]

Take Control of Slip, Trip, and Fall Hazards

One in five lost-work-time incidents is a slip, trip, or fall. Control this common hazard with some no-nonsense, easily implemented strategies. Most falls on a level surface don’t result in a recordable injury but merely a bump, some bruises, or perhaps scattered papers and spilled coffee. But sometimes these falls can and do cause more […]

Workplace Violence: Train to Prevent a Tragedy

Why is it so important to provide violence prevention training, and what should that training include? Find out here. During violence prevention training, employees should learn how to: Recognize warning signs of violence Report such behaviors Defuse violent situations Supervisors and managers should also be trained about these issues and additionally learn how to: Follow […]

Just Say NO! to Workplace Violence

It takes effort on the part of every member of your organization to combat workplace violence, starting with safety personnel. A former employee with a grudge against his supervisor enters the workplace armed with a gun and kills his supervisor and three other employees before turning the gun on himself. After the incident, co-workers said […]