Nail Gun Safety: What Workers Need to Know

The growth in popularity of nail guns and other powered fasteners has seen a corresponding increase in injuries—often gruesome—associated with their use. Here’s how you can help safeguard your workers. Yesterday’s Advisor chronicled the recent spike in nail gun-related injuries, which rose more than threefold between 1995 and 2005. While some of those injuries stem […]

Nail Gun Accidents – Is OSHA Missing the Point?

With a recent spike in nail gun injuries, some researchers say that many tragedies could be avoided if federal authorities would ban the fastest—and most dangerous—of the devices. Sitting in a pickup truck with a 2½-inch nail lodged in his chest, Manuel Murillo was able to call his wife on his cell phone and tell […]

Taking the Pain Out of Hearing Protection Training

MP3 music players join a long list of potential sources of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) in the workplace. Here are some suggestions for painlessly training your workers on the dangers of NIHL and on the proper use of hearing protection equipment. In yesterday’s Advisor, we told you about the threat of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) […]

Beware New Headphones: These ‘Buds’ May Not Be for You

iPods and MP3 players present a new risk of workplace hearing loss, particularly when used with earbud-style headphones. Here are some steps to reduce these and other hearing-loss risks. You see it all around you … good hearing gone bad. Or at least going bad, according to recent studies warning that high-volume iPods and MP3 […]

What Your Drug and Alcohol Policy Must Cover

There are numerous scenarios in which organizations might want to administer employee drug tests. The key to staving off union grievances and employee lawsuits is a well-crafted drugs and alcohol policy. Here are some of the key points it needs to include. Yesterday’s Advisor looked at a U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) report detailing the […]

Report: Drugged Drivers Keep on Truckin’ – What’s in Your Workplace?

A new government report highlights serious flaws in truck driver drug testing enforcement. Several of the report’s key findings and recommendations may well be applied across other industries. The perils of drugs in the workplace are well-documented, but nowhere are those dangers scarier than when the “workplace” is out on the highways. Even given that, […]

Coffee Break Safety Training: How to Do It

Not all safety training needs to take an hour. Some lessons can be learned in 5 to 15 minutes. Today, our Safety Training Tips Editor focuses on just what they are. Need to train in safety but little time to do it? You’d be amazed at how much you can cover in just 5, 10, […]

A Great Safety Management Tool … Made Better!

Not all the hot news in safety management happens out there. Some happens right here at BLR. Such is the case today. Yesterday’s Advisor article covered the recent announcement of OSHA’s Specific Site Targeting (SST) plan for 2008. That’s the program that will pull nearly 4,000 comprehensive inspections on industries  that survey data show as […]

OSHA’s SST Inspection Plan for 2008: Inspectors Swooping In

The agency has announced that nearly 4,000 companies will be subject to unannounced comprehensive inspections in its 2008 Site Specific Targeting (SST) plan. Here’s how they decide on whom to honor with a visit. SST. A few years back, those letters stood for supersonic transport. Then the airlines discovered that flying bigger, slower planes beat […]

The ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of Safety Training Tools

Today’s expert advises training materials with varied formats that go beyond simple verbal lectures. Here’s one that trains in 25 different subjects at a single low cost. . Yesterday’s Advisor began a discussion of consultant Ben Wurtmann’s concept of safety training that goes beyond simple accident avoidance to the point that it also improves work […]