Act Quickly … and Safely … When a Chemical Spill Occurs

The old saying “don’t cry over spilled milk” applies to hazardous chemical spills, too. So don’t cry. Instead, says our Safety Training Tips editor, take these steps, and take them quickly and carefully! Health and lives could be in the balance. Put simply, a major spill can be catastrophic. Released in large quantities, hazardous chemicals […]

6 Ways to Prevent Heat Stress at Work

You can treat heat stress, but preventing it is even better. Here are the steps you need to know to do both. Yesterday’s Advisor began a discussion of heat-related problems workers may face as June stretches into July, August, and September, traditionally the hottest months of the year. Heat problems kill some 4,000 Americans yearly, […]

Heat Stress: Employers Sweating It Out

As summer heat raises the temperature in many workplaces, employers and workers alike need to know the threats heat can pose, and what to do if heat-related illness strikes. It’s finally June. And all across the nation, you can almost hear the sighs of relief that, at last, the cold of winter and the damp […]

Your Safe Cell-Phone-Use Policy: What Must It Cover?

With states putting bans on how cell phones are used and plaintiff attorneys suing aggressively, you need a policy to protect both your employees and your organization. Here are some of the points it should cover and a means to save the work of having to write it yourself. As detailed in yesterday’s Advisor, California […]

Is Your Safety Training Up to Date?

In today’s fast moving workplace, nothing stays the same for long. That principle applies to safety hazards, too, which means that safety training has to constantly race to catch up. This Friday, our Safety Training Tips Editor offers aids to get… and keep you … up to speed. There’s no shortage of places to look […]

Forklift Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Symptoms and Prevention

Anyone working around gas-powered forklifts or other gas, propane or LPG-fueled machines needs to know the symptoms of CO poisoning. Here’s a list, and steps to take if this colorless, odorless, silent killer is suspected. Yesterday’s Advisor initiated a discussion of the dangers posed by the exhaust gases of gasoline, propane, or LPG-powered forklifts. The […]

Caution! Forklift Exhaust Gases Can Kill

It’s well known that moving forklifts can kill, but so can those standing still … if their gas-powered engines are left idling. The problem: carbon monoxide poisoning.  Here are some solutions. The 75 employees of an Iowa plastics plant came to work as usual one August day, never knowing what lay in store for them. […]

Industrial Hygiene 101

Just what do industrial hygienists actually do, and why is it important to your safety program? This week, our Safety Training Tips editor focuses on this important and highly specialized profession. What is industrial hygiene? Industrial hygiene has been defined (by NASA) as “the science of anticipating, recognizing, evaluating, and controlling workplace conditions that may […]